St. Jude Catholic Society


St. Jude was one of the twelve Apostles, Kinsman of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, A great and glorious Apostle. He was a great wonder worker of miracles especially healing and deliverance, and he is aclaimed “patron of difficult and hopeless cases” (cases despaired of) which is why people seek his intercession. He is the voice of the voiceless. After the death of Jesus, He was nicknamed ‘Thaddeus’ which means “Amiable”, “loving” or “kind hearted friend”. Jude Thaddeus simply means ‘Amiable Jude or loving Jude’. He was an apostle of true faith i.e. Faith for service and love, hence the moto: Prayer, action and sacrifice.

He is known as the most Holy Apostle. He preached together with St. Simon the patriot and that is why their feast is celebrated together onevery October 28th.

St. Jude preached the Good News converted and baptized many people. among his glorious deeds was his discussion with our lord Jesus Christ at the last supper where he displayed his love for mankind with his request, “let the world be saved” Jn. 14:22. He was known as “labbeus” which means a man of much knowledge of things of God. He also wrote a very short powerful letter in the New-Testament which he concluded with the prayer of praise. He organised a group called “pious Association” with which he fought against false teachers and prophets (Heretics) on account of their false doctrines. He dedicated the group to “fight on their faith”.

He dealt severely with magician, fortunes teller, impostors and destroyed pagan superstitions which were so profitable to the mischievous leaders. His unequaled actions aggrieved the people, and they clubbed him into insensibility and his head was shattered with abroad axe and that was how he died, -“A Martyr”.

St. Jude Society is:

  1. A praying band
  2. A problem solving society through prayer
  3. An ardent promoter of evangelism
  4. An Ecclesia family


  1. Healing
  2. Deliverance
  3. Spiritual growth
  4. Peace of mind, peace in the home, offices, etc.
  5. Blessings
  6. Difficult and hopeless cases are answered etc.


  1. Majority of the society members can now read and share the word of God from the bible and can pray the rosary very well.
  2. None communicant members have been encouraged and converted to receive the Holy communion now.