Society Of St. Vincent De Paul

About the society

The society of St. Vincente De Paul is an international Catholic Organization of lay persons founded in France by Blessed Frederick Ozanam and his companions in 1833. Placed under the patronage of St. Vincente De Paul, it derives its inspiration from thinking and work, and seeks, in a spiritb of justice and charity and by a person-to-person involvement of its members, to help those who are suffering.

The society is present in about 110 countries world-wide and is constantly growing. Because of its spread, the society is governed by a hierarchy of Councils.

In October of every year, all Vincentians world-wide celebrate the feast day of  St. Vicent de Paul. The society world-wide operates a twinning programme.


  1. Works of charity: Through a person-to-person contact, the society of St. Vincent de Paul seeks to give every form of aid that alleviates human suffering and promotes the dignity and integrity of mankind
  2. The Society strives to discover and redress the situation which caused the suffering in the first place.
  3. Vincentians strive, through prayer, meditation on the scriptures, fidelity to the teaching of Christ, to bear witness to the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in their relationship with most in need.
  4. The Society serves EVERYONE in need, regardless of creed, opinion, colour, origin or tribe.


The officers of the society are:

  1. Spiritual Director – Usually the Parish Priest
  2. Chaplain – Appointed by the Parish Priest
  3. President – by election to serve 2 years only
  4. Secretary -appointment by the President
  5. Treasurer – appointment by the President