The Red Cross Society was founded by a Swiss Businessman named Sir Henri Jean Dunant. The Red Cross Society is non religious ethnic and political. On 24th June 1859, he was travelling on a business trip to France to meet Emperor Napoleon III. He met three countries – France, Italy and Austria in a sever war in a village called SOLFERINO in a city of CASTIQLONE where about 40,000 soldiers had died and several injured in less than 24 hours of the war. He was horrified on what happened and stopped his business trip.

He converted Schools, Churches and Mosques around into mini clinic, using the villagers to treat the wounded soldiers.

The horrified experience made him to write a book titled “THE MEMORY OF SOLFERINO” meaning “What my eyes saw at Solferino”. The book was published in 1862; a committee of five prominent Swiss citizens, Sir Henri Jean Dunant inclusive, was set up to study the book in 1863, the Swiss Government approved the proposal in the book. On August 22nd 1864, the Conference adopted the first Geneva Convention for the amelioration of the condition of wounded soldiers in the field; also the titled was ” Voluntary Aid Movement” which had a logo of Swiss Flag – White Cross on Red background. The movement later changed to the present Red Cross Society, with a reversal flag of Red Cross on a White background with its headquarters in Geneva.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES.       The sole aim of the society is saving life in times of war and peace, based on the seven fundamental principles of the society – Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universally [ HINIVUU].

  1. To give humanitarian services to victims of war
  2. To give assistance to people that suffers natural and man-made disaster.
  3. To prevent and abate human suffering.
  4. To give first aid to the wounded.
  5. To give hope to the abandoned.

The Society was introduced in Nigeria between 1915-1917 during the first world war, under the British Red Cross. Nigeria then became the 86th member nation to join the International Committee of Red Cross [ICRC]. The first record of its existence was on 3rd November 1917 when a play titled “ ADAMU ORISA” Was staged to raised in aid of the Red Cross. The Lagos headquarters is at 2, Makoko Road, Adekunle, Yaba, Lagos and was opened by Sir John Macpherson.


  1. Junior Red Cross {JRC]
  2. Voluntary Aid Detachment [VAD]
  3. Service Group
  4. Patrol / Associate


The Red Cross Society was established in the Parish on the 10th January, 2000.


In addition to the Society’s aims and objective, the Detachment carries out the following:

  1. Disaster Preparedness and Response (EFAT)
  2. Giving Emergency First Aid
  3. Church Sanitation
  4. Raising Funds for the Motherless and Abandoned Babies Home Care
  5. Health Education
  6. HIV / AIDS
  7. Training

MOTTO:       Through Humanity to Peace