St. Theresa Of The Child Jesus


St. Theresa is a womwn who dedicated herself to pray to God for the showers of roses to fall on earth so that souls can be saved.

Born on January 2nd, 1983. Her love for God was shown in her early life. To vindicate her love, she entered the covenant at the age of fifteen, with the special permission of the Bishop.

She died f tuberculosis, after a painful illness of several months. Her dying words told the story of her life. Looking at the crucifix she said “oh I love him … My God … I … love …Thee”.

Alive she said “After my death I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth”. She died at the age o twenty four and was beatified by His Holiness, Pius XI on April 29th, 1923 and canonized on may 17th 1925.


St. Theresa Society is a spiritual pius society for both single and married women in the church who want to serve God and humanity, and consecrate themselves to to the service of God.

We encourage members to recieve all of the church’s sacraments like Baptism, Communion and Confirmation…


  1. First to spread devotion to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus
  2. To promote Vocation and religious life
  3. To foster good relationship among Parishioners


This is open to all Parishioners

You are Welcome

“Love will consume us only in the measure of our self surrender”

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus…. Pray for us.