Christ life Evangelism

INTRODUCTION: Christ life is aprogram designed to help christians to have a deeper understanding on who Jesus Christ is, deepen their relationship with Him and then go out to share their experience with others. The program is divided into three parts (courses), namely:

  1. Discovering Christ
  2. Following Christ and
  3. Sharing Christ

Before “Discovering Christ” Course commenced, facilitators’ course was organised by the pastor Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor ahead of time equipping them with the process of running the Christ life program. With the facilitators he articulated a nine(9) weeks course on Discovering Christ.

The course commenced from Friday 25th January, 2013 to Friday 22nd March, 2012. The course ran for nine (9) consecutive Fridays by 7.15p.m for an average of two hours per session. Exception was the prayer day for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that took up to three (3) hours.
Topics were intensively explained through the talks by the following. The Pastor Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor, Mr. Peter Fagbemi, Mr. Lawrence Otunaiya, Sir Isebemhe Sylvester A. and Mr. Olaluwoye Felix. These talks were also emphasized upon through a projector showing the documentary of talks given by Mr. Noda Dave and Rev. Fr. Eric of U.S.A. Again, we had discussions and all the questions raised were provided answers immediately arising from the group.
The following were the topics treated throughout the Discovering Christ Course.

  1. What is the meaning of Christ? By Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor
  2. Why does Jesus Matter? Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor
  3. What does Jesus want us to know? Mr. Peter Fagbemi
  4. Why do i need a saviour? Mr. Lawrence Otunaiya
  5. Why is resurrection important for us?Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor
  6. Who is the Holy Spirit? Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor
  7. The Holy Spirit and you! Sir Isebemhe Sylvester A.
  8. New life in the spirit: Being a catholic disciple. Mr. Felix Olaluwoye
  9. Believing and Belonging: Why we need the church? Rev. Fr. Paul Ighabor

All the sessions were being moderated by sir Isebemhe Sylvester A. The program of activity during the course sessions is hereby attached.

The courses were well attended with active participation of the participant who were drawn from the parish and the neighborhood with well over 85 participants.
It was observed that on the praying over day, the time was so short to effectively experience the out pouring of the Holy Spirit
There were also complains of staying too late into the night before closing.
The dinners and the deserts were lavishly distributed to participants to their satisfaction
The Christlife band also added a spiritual attraction to the entire program.
For the participants to overcome time constrain during the courses session, it is recommend the participants to be encourage to attend morning Mass so that the course could commence exactly 6:00pm
The dinner and desert should continue since it was part of attraction that encouraged participant to attend the course
Effort should be made to provide the recommended books after Discovering Christ for interested participants to purchase. This will enhanced their spiritual growth.