The Catholic Men Organization  (CMO) is an Organization of all-adult Catholic men -married or not. It is non-political and non-tribal.


To bring all men to Christ, make them better father and builders of the Church and Society.

Should all Catholic men belong to the Catholic Men Organization (cmo)?

Yes all adult Catholic Church men should belong to the CMO because the Catholic Church made it mandatory for men to belong to the Organization.

The Laity of the Catholic Church is made up three Organizations

The Catholic Men Organization  (made up of all adult men of 25years and above)

The Catholic Women Organization (made up of all adult women of 25years and above)

The Catholic Youth Organization (made up of the youths)

The Catholic Church demands that any Catholic should belong to one of the above mentioned Organizations.

Note: the Catholic Men Organization (CMO) is loyal to the  Apostolic See, the hierarchy and to the Clergy in all matters pertaining to the Catholic faith. Failure to belong to the Catholic Men Organization (CMO) is disobedience to the Church instituted by Christ.

In this Parish – St.Kizito, men should be proud to belong to the CMO. Societies in the Church that are made up of only men are advised to identify as a body with the Organization.

Some of the Aims and Objectives of the Catholic Men Organization (CMO)

1. To foster Catholic ideals and principles through healthy spiritual development of her members.

2. To promote the spiritual, moral and material welfare of her members and the development of the Catholic community.

3. To encourage all in the in the practice of Catholic doctrines and support the Church at Parish, deanery and Archdiocese level.

4. To direct the minds of members to the virtues of the Organization.

Registration- is on all time.

General meeting of CMO – holds every 3rd sunday of the month after each Mass. The constitution of the Organization spells out  the welfare package of the members.