14th April, 2019

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14th April, 2019


TODAY being palm sunday marks the beginning of Holy week. It is also the last week of lent.

The celebration of today provides a platform for personal evaluation of our life.
The ceremony starts on a joyful mood with the bleessing of Palms. And people shouting Hosanna.

Then after a while the passion, the people that Hosanna Hosaan changed and shouted crucify him crucify him. This tells us about the unreliability of man.

Hence when we put our trust in man we increase our sorrows. We also see different type of people who played various role in the passion of Christ.

The same thing still happens both in our relationship with God and in our interpersonal relationship. Those who played positive role are presented to us to emulate while those who played negative role are presented to us to avoid such behavior.

Let us use this Holy week to find out if we have tendencies towards such negative attitude, identify them, strive to overcome them and ask God for the grace to overcome them.
Let us reconcile with God and with one another as we prepare for Easter.

O God sanctify my thought word and action this week and always. May I continue to worship you in truth and in spirit through Christ our Lord.

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