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Today’s Reflection


During the time of Christ most of His followers had various reasons for following him. Some where following him because of His teaching, others because of miracles etc.

In John 6. 26 Jesus says: Truly I say to you, you look for me, not because of the signs which you have seen but because you ate bread and were satisfied.

In the Gospel reading of today ( Jon 11. 45-56) we saw two groups of people following Jesus. Some came to Him, heard His teaching and believed in His teaching while others came, heard His teaching, went and reported Him to the Jews.

This still happens in our daily life. Some people come into our life for variuos reasons. Some for genuine reasons and others for their selfish interest, some even come into our life to spy and pull us down.

When we are confronted with this type of situation what do we do. Should this make us to avoid people?.
The answer is NO. Rather what we need to do is to have a discerning spirit to discover those who come to us with genuine reason as opposed to fake friends.

We also need to resolve within ourself to approach each other with genuine intention and sincerity of heart.

As christians we need to ask ourselves the following questions:
Why am I a christian. ?
Why do I go to Church?
Why do I pray?

Is my prayer and worship Christocentric ?
Is it the quest for signs and wonders that is motivating my prayer and worship?

Why do People move from one church to another, from one prayer house to another? Is it to deepen our faith or because of miracle.

Our worship and prayer should be in spirit and truth ( Jon.4. 23-24)

O Lord as we prepare to enter the Holy week bless and sanctify my thoughs words and actions. May I used them to glorify you thruogh Christ Our Lord.

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