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The story of Sussana and the two elders in the first reading of today is a story that potrays the level of injustice in our society. We will be looking at it from the perspective of the major actors in the story.

  1. The two elders allowed the spirit of lust lo lead them too far. They had been using cheap blackmail to lure people to succumb to their evil desires and wanted to try it on Sussana who is a God fearing woman and met their water loo. Their behavior represents abuse of power and those controlled by the desire of the flesh.
  2. SUSSANA. Represents uprightness steadfastness and righteousness. And God proves in her life that He rewards everyone for his righteousness (1 Sam. 26.23).

Some children of God when they see themselves in similar situation like Sussana succumbs to blackmail and end up doing what will displease God. Sussana made a statement that should guide us in such situation. “ I prefer to fall innocent inti your power than to sin in the eyes of the Lord. ( Dan.13.23)

  1. DANIEL. He represents justice. God uses him to expose the evil elders and to vindicate Sussana. He listened to the Spirit of God and acted accordingly.

From time to time God wants us to play the role of Daniel in the life of others but most time we fail Him. We see injustice, false accusation, hear cry for help we keep quite.

Let us know that as long as we keep quite in the face of injustice and false accusation we are as guilty as the perpetrators of such deeds. Daniel disposed himself to be used by God and that makes it possible for false accusers to become the accused.

On the other hand we also need to listen to the voice of Daniel: that is: the voice of truth and justice, irrespective of person through whom the voice is coming from. We need to avoid hasty conclusion , prejudice and biase.

Lord let your wisdom be with me to help me and to work with me.
Send her (wisdom) from the holy heavens, dispatch her from your thrones to work besides me so that I may know what is pleasing to you.( Wisdom9.10)

May my accusers perish in shame: may those who want to harm me be covered with scorn and disgrace. (PS. 71.13)

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