Day 11, Deliver Me from the Hand of the Enemies
January 25, 2019
Day 14, Let Your Light Shine
January 27, 2019

21 Days Retreat

St. Kizito catholic Church, Iju

Day 12

Speaker: Rev. Fr. Bernard Anthony Ngwu MSP

Topic: I must Pursue, Overtake and Recover

1 Samuel 30 verse 8

“We have to live ourselves everyday as if we do not, haveĀ  depend on others- by Jonathan Edwin”

2 Corinthians 4:16, We are all renewed in Christ. David went to His Father for encouragement and strength haven passed through a lot of fierce and troubles.

David understood the difference between God and other gods to fight against the people of Amalekites. Dear friend , you must make up your mind to fight and believe in what you carry.

Pursue means to Proceed without delay, Continue, Strive, Seek for what you want.

Overtake means Catch up with

Recover means to get back, regain, restore, to bring under control.

Dear friend let’s take the wisdom and apply directly the way David did by taking your possession.

“A.W. Tozer said “There is nothing in Life, there is no short cut to Sanctity”.

God has giving you the power to overcome. Don’t ever give up

1 Samuel 29 v 11

Psalm 30 v 123

Exodus 14 v v14

Exodus 14 v 9

1 Kings 27 v 1-12

2 Kings 25 v 5-5

Proverb 3 v 6

Deuteronomy 28 v 1-2

Psalm 30 v 3

Genesis 31 v 32,35


Go through and meditate over this passages, for you must Pursue, Overtake and Recover your lost glory and overcome your enemies.

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