Memorial of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

Feast of Saint Luke, Evangelist
January 27, 2017
Wednesday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time November 8, 2017
November 8, 2017

Memorial of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

Revelation 14:14-19
Psalms 96:10, 11-12, 13
Luke 21:5-1

Luke’s gospel today offers an invitation for us to find peace through the words of Jesus. Jesus invites his followers to not be terrified by the challenges and fearful happenings of the world. He explains to them that they should not allow fear to become a driving element in their life. He invites us to do the same. Are we searching for God’s peace or are we caught up in the cacophony of negativity hurled at us through social media and the news?

We live in a world that is constantly abuzz and technologically over-connected. We are continually exposed to scenes of trauma and sorrow. We can’t completely block out the world but we can search for stillness and define what stillness means in our own life. Whether it’s through music, prayer, meditation, poetry, art, a long walk in nature, enjoying lunch with a friend or reading a beautifully written book stillness is within our reach. Be still and know that I am God.

May we each find the peace and stillness we require in order to hear the whispers of God and learn how to be here now. St.Cecilia, pray for us and guide us on our path.

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